at BGC we invite YOU to join the CLUB!

Our club isn't exclusive – we have a spot for any child who comes in with a positive attitude and a zest for learning and trying new things. There is so much fun to be had at BGC, expect your child to leave their class smiling, worn-out and begging to stay longer!

  • At BGC, we CARE about CREATING the most positive gymnastics experience for your child and you! We aim to do that through a progressive program that provides both a fitness foundation that can help in other sports and developing important life skills.

  • Come LAUGH and LEARN with us! We exist because we are passionate about bettering the lives of each child that walks through our doors. Come in ready to LEARN and you’ll be sure to leave with a smile on your face!

  • Every child is UNDOUBTEDLY UNIQUE! That’s why our coaches are trained to teach not just a ‘level’ or ‘skill,’ but each individual. This way every child can work at his or her own pace and gain confidence along the way that will last a lifetime!

  • We BELIEVE that gymnastics is good for both the BODY and the BRAINS! Gymnastics has proven BENEFITS that go beyond just the physical and include: kindergarten readiness and listening skills, social interaction, learning to work within a group and set goals, self-esteem and confidence building, a ‘try, try again’ attitude and much more!