Phase 2 - Fall 2020

Dear BGC Families and Staff,

We are so excited to get back into the gym again. These policies and procedures serve to share our plan and guidelines to return to BGC with the common goal of assuring the least amount of spread of COVID-19. As we continue to receive updates from our local government as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we will adjust new guidelines accordingly. BGC coaches and staff will strictly adhere to meeting or exceeding all CDC and WA State requirements. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, BGC asks for the support and participation of all parents and athletes that enter here.

BGC is currently cleared to be running at 25% capacity or 1 athlete per 300 square feet of our facility size. These numbers allow us to run the schedule set forth for this fall session.

The Center for Disease Control updated its guidance earlier in May to emphasize that Covid-19 does not spread easily on surfaces, focusing more on human-to-human transmission. More information directly from the CDC can be found on their website here: CDC.

Phase 2 BGC Policies & Procedures:

Capacity & Ratios – BGC will strictly adhere to 25% our normal capacity or 1 student per 300 square feet which is 54 and 56 athletes/parents at any given time. Gymnasts in our school age recreational classes will work out in groups of 5. Preschool athletes will work out in groups of 4 and those under age 4 will be required to have a parent on the floor with them to help ensure physical distancing during class time. We encourage all families to pick up and drop off without entering the building if possible. If an adult must observe class, only 1 parent/guardian may enter the facility with their athlete and no siblings (except infants not walking) will be permitted in the facility unless registered for a class at the same time. A BGC staff member will be there to greet each gymnast as they enter and will be outside during dismissal to ensure each child finds their parent. Please enter and exit the facility one at a time maintaining social distancing. The bleachers and tables in the lobby will remain. There will be orange tape marks on the tables and bleachers to space people apart designating allowable seating spots. Please do not sit in a spot not marked and do not loiter in the lobby. Per State requirements, those with pre-existing conditions, mild to severe asthma and those aged 65 or older are recommended to not enter the facility during this Phase.

Waivers & Covid-19 Contract – Before entering BGC for the first time, parents are required to do two things. 1. Sign into their account on the Parent Portal through iClassPro: CLICK HERE and sign the updated waiver form. This form has new clauses regarding Covid-19. Please do not create a new account. All students and BGC already have accounts and if you have trouble logging on, please email us and we can help provide you the email address listed as your login. 2. When an athlete enters the facility for the first time, they must bring in the signed Covid-19 Contract form regarding known or perceived symptoms, acknowledging they are sending their child to gym each day in good faith. This form will be emailed to you in your confirmation email upon enrollment for classes. This form will need to be re-signed and turned back in on the first day of each new Phase or session to keep current with changing policies and guidelines set forth by the CDC and governor.

Entering/Exiting the Facility – Gymnasts are asked to enter the facility one at a time and not more than 5 minutes before practice begins. Please wait in your car and social distance at least 6’ when entering the facility (use the marks on the sidewalk as guidelines for keeping 6’). We ask that you use the restroom before coming to practice and enter already wearing leotards/workout attire. When you enter, a coach will ask you to wash or sanitize your hands and then give you a pre-marked spot in the gym to go and sit until practice begins. When exiting, we ask parents to wait in their cars and text their gymnast when you have arrived. We will then dismiss gymnasts out the door one at a time getting a visual of the parent as well. If your child does not have a cell phone, please wait in your car or outside the facility as your child exits with a BGC staff member who will make contact with you before being dismissed to you. If you must enter the facility to pick up your child, please maintain social distancing of at least 6’ and exit the facility promptly.

Masks –
Gymnasts: Masks are always to be worn when entering and exiting the facility and when a gymnast is not in class (in the lobby, using the restroom, etc). Masks may be worn while on the gym floor EXCEPT when an athlete is going to perform a skill upside down or where the mask may slip and impede vision while attempting a skill. While on the gym floor, a mask is optional for the gymnast in order to perform safe gymnastics without fear of a foreign object obstructing their vision.
Parents: All people in lobby/viewing area are required to wear masks while watching/dropping off/picking up gymnasts.
Coaches – Coaches are required to wear masks anytime they are not coaching (in the lobby, using the restroom, working in the back when around other staff, etc). Coaches have the option to wear a mask while coaching as long as all gymnasts can clearly hear directions and instructions. If a coach needs to approach a gymnast closer than 6’, for any reason, they will apply their mask before doing so.

Restrooms – Two stalls in each restroom will be open during the summer. Both toilets and all sinks will be wiped down every 2 hours. Restrooms will also receive a full, deep cleaning between morning, mid-day and evening workouts and at the start of each day (3x a day). Anyone entering a restroom must be wearing a mask.

What To Bring – Gymnasts should arrive dressed for workout and with their hair up (please use clips, hairspray and/or gel in order to avoid touching your face and redoing hair during practice). Each athlete needs a bag/backpack large enough to keep their clothes in and hold the following: water bottle, mask, paper bag for their mask, hand sanitizer and a small hand towel if your gymnast is prone to excessive perspiration. These bags/backpacks will travel with each gymnast to each event should they need anything from it. BGC has chalk balls available for purchase for $5 plus tax for any athlete that would like.

Lobby – Tables and bleachers will remain but have taped orange marks to mark available seats. Once they are full, parents of recreational kids needing to stay will be given a spot that they may stand in order to maintain social distancing practices in the lobby. The kids play area will not be available and there will be no food or drink sales. Additionally, the water fountain will be closed. Any transactions at the front desk will be done through email or phone, so please contact us that way should you have the need.

Social Distancing – Everyone in the gym is required to social distance (at least 6’) throughout practice. Coaches will practice this and remind and require athletes to do the same. We will make every effort to keep our preschool athletes socially distanced during practice and at their own stations. Please remind your child before practice that they need to be conscientious of social distancing whether that is with a good friend, coach or even sibling. We will move around the gym while also maintaining social distancing from other groups, etc. On our first day back, we will take the time to show the gymnasts how this will work. If a gymnast is having consistent trouble in maintaining social distancing and following rules, they may be asked to leave practice early.

Employees – All BGC staff will be screened when reporting to work for COVID-19 symptoms and sign in each day answering the following questions. A ‘yes’ answer to any of the following questions will result in the employee being sent home immediately:
· Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID19?
· Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
· Have you had a fever in the last 72 hours? (Exceeded 100.4) Employees will take temperature five minutes after arrival to accumulate to inside temperature.
· Have you had a loss of smell recently?
· Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?
Coaches will make every effort to minimize spotting during the summer. Coaches will maintain social distancing in all instances unless a spot is needed or there is a medical emergency. If such things occur, they will wear a mask and wash/sanitize their hands before and after approaching a gymnast. In the event of an injury where there is not time to put on a mask or sanitize their hands, coaches will use their best judgement in approaching the gymnast in order to intervene. They will not wear a mask if coaching from a distance to assure the gymnasts can fully hear and understand instructions. For our industry, masks are not required at this time from the CDC or State governing bodies. Staff will socially distance in the break room and in the office areas as well.

Sanitation Procedures –
Gymnasts will always be asked to wash/sanitize hands before entering the gym floor. They will be asked to sanitize their hands in between each event and when finished with practice. On events where mats/props are used, a gymnast will use that piece of equipment on their own and it will be wiped down between events (by the gymnast or a coach).
Equipment: On floor exercise, athletes will primarily workout on their own panel of the floor or with their own mats. The foam pit will be closed during Phase 2 and the resi pit will be used with a 4” mat on top. On balance beam, each athlete will have their own beam during their rotation or a shared beam where each child remains on their own side during the entire rotation. Beams have been adjusted to be 6’ or more apart. Beams will be cleaned, sanitized, and fogged each night. Gymnasts will sanitize their hands before getting on any new beam. On bars, recreational athletes will have their own bar that they will use for their entire rotation. We will not use a communal chalk bucket this summer, so please provide a towel to dry your child hands between turns if they are prone to sweaty hands or purchase a chalk ball at the front desk for $5 plus tax. Gymnasts will sanitize their hands every time they use a new bar. Vault stations will be wiped down between rotations and deep cleaned between morning, mid-day and evening workout groups as well as at the end of each day. Trampolines and tumble traks will be used and athletes will be asked to sanitize hands before using them. We will clean/sanitize/fog them each evening.

Cleaning Procedures – BGC will continue its extensive daily cleaning. We will add in additional cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day and during workouts. There will be a sanitization station at each event to make it quick and easy to clean between groups (this will have sanitizer, paper towels, cleaning solution, gloves and a garbage can). Used areas of the gym will be vacuumed daily. High touch areas such as doors, handles, etc. will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. The lobby and bathrooms will continue to be swept and mopped daily and deep cleaned between all workout groups. Tables and bleachers will be sanitized between workout groups and at the beginning and end of each day. All equipment used will be sanitized/wiped down and/or fogged at the end of each day.