These policies and procedures serve to share our plan and guidelines to participate in gymnastics classes at BGC with the common goal of assuring the least amount of spread of COVID-19. As we continue to receive updates from our local government as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we will adjust new guidelines accordingly. BGC coaches and staff will adhere to meeting or exceeding all CDC and WA State requirements. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, BGC asks for the support and participation of all parents and athletes that enter here.

Capacity & Ratios – BGC will adhere to the guidelines in place regarding capacity regulations. Gymnasts in our school age recreational classes are currently working out in groups of 6-8 depending on the skill and age level. Preschool athletes are working out in groups of 4-8 depending on age. We have returned to our regular preschool class structure with Flyers now attending class on their own. We would like to continue reserving the seating in our lobby for our newest (kids having their first class or a trial class), youngest and most beginning level gymnasts at this time. If an adult is observing class, we continue to ask that only 1 parent/guardian enter the facility with their athlete and no siblings (except infants not walking). A BGC staff member will be at the front entry area to greet each gymnast as they enter and will be outside during dismissal to ensure each child finds their parent. The bleachers and tables in the lobby have been replaced with chairs spaced out in our lobby 6' apart. Please do not move any chairs and do not loiter in the lobby.

Entering/Exiting the Facility – Gymnasts are asked to enter the facility one at a time and not more than 5 minutes before practice begins. We ask that you use the restroom before coming to practice and enter already wearing leotards/workout attire. When you enter, a coach will ask you to wash or sanitize your hands and then give you a pre-marked spot in the gym to go and sit until practice begins. When exiting, we ask parents to wait in their cars and we will then dismiss gymnasts out the door one at a time getting a visual of the parent as well.

Masks –
Gymnasts:Those athletes who are two weeks out from their final vaccination may attend practice without a mask. If you'd prefer your child to continue wearing their mask, they are always welcome to. Masks are required for all gymnasts aged 5 and over who are not vaccinated. They are always to be worn when entering and exiting the facility, when a gymnast is in class as well as in the lobby, using the restroom, etc. If at any point during the workout a gymnast needs to remove their mask to breath easier or get a drink of water, they will always be allowed to do so. If a gymnast is doing a skill where there is risk of their mask impeding their vision, they will be allowed to lower or remove their mask for that skill/routine and then put it back on.
Parents: Any parent/guardians who are two weeks out from the their final vaccination may enter BGC without a mask. Masks are required for all adults who are not vaccinated. They are required in the lobby while observing as well as entering the faciliity to drop off/pick up or use the restroom.
Coaches – Coaches who are two weeks out from their final vaccination are not required to wear masks. Any coach who has not been vaccinated or chooses to, will continue wearing masks at all times in the gym. Our coaches have their own choice whether or not to vaccinate and we respect their decisions. If a coach is wearing a mask, please do not ask about their vaccination status to respect their privacy.

Restrooms – Toilets and all sinks will be wiped down multiple times a day. Restrooms will also receive a full, deep cleaning every morning.

What To Bring – Gymnasts should arrive dressed for workout and with their hair up. Each athlete needs a bag/backpack large enough to keep their clothes in and hold the following: water bottle, mask, hand sanitizer and a small hand towel if your gymnast is prone to excessive perspiration. These bags/backpacks will travel with each gymnast to each event should they need anything from it. BGC has chalk balls available for purchase for $6 plus tax for any athlete that needs.

Lobby – Tables and bleachers will be removed and chairs spaced 6' apart have taken their place. The kids play area will not be available and there will be no food or drink sales except water bottles which cost $1 and exact cash is the only payment accepted.

Physical Distancing – We will make every effort to keep our athletes physically distanced during practice and at their own stations. Coaches will remind athletes to do this during practice and we ask that you please remind your child before practice that they need to be conscientious of physical distancing whether that is with a good friend, coach or even sibling.

Sanitation Procedures – Gymnasts will always be asked to wash/sanitize hands before entering the gym floor. They will be asked to sanitize their hands in between each event and when finished with practice.

Cleaning Procedures – BGC will continue its extensive daily cleaning. We will add in additional cleaning/sanitizing throughout the day and during workouts. There will be a sanitization station at each event to make it quick and easy to clean between groups (this will have sanitizer, paper towels, cleaning solution, gloves and a garbage can). Used areas of the gym will be vacuumed daily. High touch areas such as doors, handles, etc. will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. The lobby and bathrooms will continue to be swept, mopped and deep cleaned every morning. Lobby chairs will be sanitized multiple times a day and always at the beginning and end of each day. All equipment used will be sanitized/wiped down and/or fogged at the end of each day.